Frequently Asked Questions

Do we negotiate on prices?

No. We spend a lot of time researching prices on used items. We feel that our pricing is fair. We also do not charge sales tax on any purchases.

Can you hold an item for me?

No. Unfortunately past experiences in doing this has caused us to have a strict “No Hold” policy.

Can you wave the delivery fee if we give you a donation in return?

No. It is the policy of this store that all deliveries must be paid for regardless if donating items at the time of delivery. No exceptions.

Can I leave a deposit on an item?

No. For accounting purposes we do not take deposits on items.

How long can you hold an item once it’s paid for?

Floor space in our store is limited and as such our policy is that we can hold items no longer than 3 days.

May I return merchandise?

No. Most items in our store are gently used. All sales are final and no refunds or exchanges are permitted.

I found an item on the sales floor with no price tag…may I still buy it?

No. Any items that are mistakenly placed on the sales floor without a price tag or it has fallen off must be re-inspected, researched, and re-priced.

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